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Hamlet Library

     Hamlet is a community of readers. This is evident by the support the library receives from the citizens and local government. Hamlet is proud of the fact that twenty-five years after its charter was granted, the first library was established. From its humble beginning of a few books, its growth has required several expansions.The permanent home for the library has become a beloved landmark to our town. In order to preserve this historical building, when overcrowding made expansion necessary, a new wing was added in the same architectural style.
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     Today the library is housed in a modern, up-to-date facility, thanks to the people of Hamlet who supported a building program spearheaded by the "Friends of the Hamlet Library." A wide variety of up-to-date reading materials await all who visit our library. The expanded facility offers a large meeting and conference room for public use. Weekly preschool story hours and summer programs for the children are only parts of the library’s outreach.The atmosphere in the library is a friendly, restful place, whether you come in to browse, read the daily paper or spend some time in the local history room. A real asset to the city and citizens of Hamlet.